About the artist:

Gabriele Bungardt describes the world as she sees it, the people, animals and objects who inhabit this world and the situations that they find themselves in, through paint. In her artwork the manipulation of paint as a material that can hold a narrative is essential. Broad brushstrokes suffused with energy and intent cover the canvas building complicated social scenarios and intimate still-life commentary with consummate skill and complete sincerity.

Her artwork focuses on contemporary life viewed through that most historic of lenses, painting. Whilst remaining relaxed and painterly her images bring objects and relationships encountered routinely into sharp focus as they become meditations on social and economic values. Her treatment of light suffuses the paintings, drawing attention to minute detail and rendering figures, both isolated and in groups, through the interplay of light and shadow as it wraps around subject and environment. Although her subjects are, for the most part, humble and unassuming, the physical pleasure and tactile sensibility associated with the act of painting is essential to her artwork. Gabriele Bungardtís skilled handling of her medium leads the viewer to both a thorough understanding of her particular point of view and appreciation of the history and sensuality associated with painting.

Just as her figurative work and urban paintings are motivated by a desire to understand and investigate those elements that inform and are celebrated within her own life, her pet portraits are motivated by her love of animals. Itís really important to her that the portrait captures both the soul and the singular personality of each animal and she accesses this through the expression of the eyes.

All her paintings are inexorably linked by her love of painting and the necessity to express emotion and meaningful content through observation, understanding and craftsmanship.

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